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Do you feel like making every corner of your house or room crafty and beautiful with hand made art pieces? Well, macrame art is one of the finest and best forms of representing beauty. The ropes that are used to macrame art are the most important source and factor in which a whole structure is dependent. 

So here I am with an amazing article on macrame ropes. The below are the top 5 products that can justify your every artwork. The ropes should be 100%natural and pure. It should not contain any added chemical or should not be dyed. The cotton that is used to make the rope should not be reused. Keeping the necessaries in mind, read the below products and purchase your perfect fit. 

Best Rope for Macrame Wall Hanging

1. XKDOUS Macrame Rope


XKDOUS is here to your rescue if you are struggling in choosing the best macrame rope. They have the softest and natural chord that makes every piece of art look mesmerizing and on point. Also, the bonus booklet with the packaging is the cherry on the cake. Read the key features below to know more:

Key Features:

  • The XKDOUS rope is made from 100% natural cotton fabric.
  • It also contains synthetic polyester and acrylic fibers. 
  • The macrame rope is made up of all high-quality virgin cotton, recycled fabrics, odor-free, no scraps, and soft pure cotton.
  • If you are in search of a perfect macrame wall hanging, then this one satisfies your need surely.
  • The rope is really soft, and one can easily handle the rope and work brilliantly on it. 
  • One can comb the ropes and fray it too.
  • One can also use this rope to make dream catchers, a piece of art, wall hanging, pot supporter, and much more. 
  • The color of the macrame rope is very natural and very pure that makes every artwork look beautiful and elegant.
  • The length of the macrame rope is 220 yards for each spool.
  • The package consists of two spools of the same length in different bags. 
  • The shape of the macrame rope is also very alluring and special. 
  • The whole packaging comes with a bonus booklet that gives detailed information on how to tie and knot the rope to make a beautiful macrame wall hanging.


2. SUNTQ Macrame Rope


The three-strand twisted chord is undoubtedly surprising. SUNTQ has come up with the premium and natural bohemian macrame rope. Choosing SUNTQ is the smartest choice, as it is eco-friendly and pure. Below are some more specifications:

Key Features:

  • The macrame ropes in a wide range of sizes and lengths. 
  • This packaging comes with a 3mm diameter rope with 220 meters and about 220 yards.
  • It guarantees 100%bidegradable and free chemical dyes.
  • It contains natural cotton, original color, and zero chromatic differences. 
  • The rope can be used to make different craft materials and apt for Bohemian decoration. 
  • The SUNTQ is perfect for weaving, decorations, gifts, and gardening artifacts.
  • It is food grade along with biodegradable and is also suitable for pets.
  • Once you touch the rope, you won’t feel the harshness of the rope.
  • It is eco-friendly for various purposes like hangers for plants, pet rope, and much more. 
  • It is also durable and easy to deal with. 
  • These ropes are specially used for DIYs and some projects.
  • It comes in two spools, and both have different measurements.
  • It is one of the most recommended products at very reasonable rates. 
  • They come in a variation like tent-line rope, halter, lead, hammock rope, crab trap rope, awning rope, and much more.


3. Macrame Supplies Macrame Rope for Wall Hanging


Do you want to get mesmerized in the beautiful macrame art? Purchase Macrame ropes from the specialists themselves. The Macrame company specially designed and supplies the ropes for macrame art that are apt for them. Also, one can rely on the brand. Read the key features below:

Key Features:

  • The rope is made from 100% natural and pure cotton.
  • It has three twisted strands that make the rope more powerful.
  • It is a perfect product for your macrame wall hanging cravings.
  • There is also an offer on amazon that gives an extra 5% off on a purchase. 
  • It has an exact length of 4mm*240 yards, 5/32 inches long.
  • The rope is naturally creamed without chemicals.
  • The three twisted stands give quick unraveling for the fringes and lower the snag tendency. 
  • It is undoubtedly a multi-purpose rope that is perfect for households, wall hanging, plant hangers, tapestries, bohemian wedding arch decorations, and many more purposes. 
  • The texture of the rope is very soft and not harsh as compared to other braided ropes. 
  • It holds the structure very firm and robust.
  • If you are an artisan, then this is a go-to product for all your artworks. 
  • From beginners to advanced levels, everyone can try their hands on this rope.
  • It has a natural color that goes with everything.
  • It is a perfect piece of attraction at your place. 
  • It is a value for money product with every needed feature for a craftsman.


4. NOANTA Macrame Rope


NOANTA is one of the best suppliers of macrame ropes. Along with the 220 yards long rope, they also deliver a bonus booklet. The bonus booklet helps you while using the rope and making gorgeous artwork. Detailed information and explanation showing how to tie knots and much more is explained in the booklet. Along with this, the color of the rope is natural and pure. Here are some more features below:

Key features:

  • The rope is 4m*220 yards long.
  • It is made naturally from pure cotton and no added chemicals. 
  • On burning the rope, you will understand the quality. 
  • It is a customer service-oriented brand that satisfies all your macrame needs. 
  • The rope contains no synthetic polyester, acrylic fibers or recycled cotton.
  • A great option to rely on for making your homes look more beautiful.
  • The color of the rope is slightly dark and dingy as compared to others because of the purest cotton
  • The color of the rope makes your project look even more beautiful and bright. 
  • The cotton that is used to make chords is soft cotton that can be handled through hands and machines both. 
  • The texture of the macrame rope is smooth and sturdy. 
  • It will not break easily and last for a longer run. 
  • It weighs 1300 g and is 4mm diameter. 
  • One can use this macrame rope for wall hanging, plan hangers, dream catchers, necklaces, and much more.


5. Blisstime Macrame Rope for Wall Hanging


As the word suggests, Blisstime Macrame ropes will make you feel all the blissful experience making attractive wall pieces, crafted pots, and much more. It is super reasonable and durable. Also, the perfect choice for your macrame art. Read more specifications below: 

Key features:

  • It is a three-strand twisted rope.
  • The length of the rope is 4mm*328 yards. 
  • It is made with natural cotton and no added chemicals. 
  • It is a soft undyed rope without chemicals that are just perfect for a wall hanging, macrame art, and other decorations. 
  • It is an odor-free rope. It is not bleached or dyed. 
  • The rope is not pure white and creamy, which makes the artwork look more beautiful.
  • Blisstime can be your best partner at home, for decorations for your plants and many other purposes. 
  • The size and the length of the ropes are very well satisfied with making any piece of art. 
  • The ropes are packed into spools that maintain the shape of the ropes.
  • It has a weight of around 56oz.
  • One can quickly unravel the fringes because of the low tangles and snag tendency. 
  • It is durable for the long as the ropes are stronger and rust-free. 
  • These cotton ropes are ideal for every level of learning bees.
  • One of the finest multi-purpose cotton rope anyone could have. 
  • Make your every art a masterpiece with Blisstime. Create amazing DIYs like macrame wall hanging, Bohemian wedding decorations, plant hangers, arch decorations, door curtains, drawstrings, and much more. 


It often happens that all of the five products are out of the world, and choosing one is a really tough job. I would suggest you know your purpose first and then decide which one would justify that purpose. In my opinion, all the products are fantastic, but my personal favorite is XKDOUS Macrame rope. It is perfect for every source that we need. It is the best choice for making Bohemian wedding arch decorations, wall hangings, dream catchers, wall pieces, plant hangers, and much more. I hope you will also choose one and quickly make artwork with these macrame ropes. 

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