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Are you tired of looking at an old tree in your backyard that is of no use and you just happen to use it for tying swings on holidays or weekends? If yes, then it is better to get rid of it? Although I am not a fan of cutting trees, when something doesn’t serve any purpose and is just taking up space, then it is better to pull it down. You can pull it off and then plant a tree that can be placed appropriately and is of use to you or your family. So although there are arborists that can help you with such tree work, you can also do it yourself. 

Strong Rope for Pulling Trees

One needs to invest in a durable and strong rope for pulling trees. I will also explain the procedure of pulling down a tree using a rope later in this article. These ropes used for tree work are different from the ones you use for other work, as they are made using high strength material with more flexibility and weight-bearing capacity. So for making your search easy and quick, I am going to list down the options for the best rope for tree work down below. Check out the list and find the alternative that suits your budget and work.

1. Blue Ox Rope for pulling trees

Blue Ox Rope for pulling tree

The first option on this list is one of the bestsellers in the category of rope for pulling trees. Although you can find a ⅝” rope in any departmental store, this one is literally the best one you can get. This 100 feet double braided polyester braid is constructed using high-quality polyester exclusively. It is an ideal choice for the people looking for a sturdy rope for arborist tree rigging. One can also use this rope for tree pulling and climbing. Its a blue ox rope with black tracers that will be a perfect addition to your utility accessories for the garden and other activities as well. 

Key features:

  • The rope is tightly braided that provides maximum abrasion resistance.
  • It has an excellent tensile strength of up to 12,000 pounds and hence can aid you with pulling those unwanted trees around you.
  • This rope has a very low stretch and is made in the USA.
  • Many users have also used this rope for having tire swings and tree swings due to its reliability.
  • Apart from pulling the tree, you can also use it for dragging or pulling heavy objects.


2. Mophorn Double-Twisted Nylon Pulling Rope

Mophorn Double-Twisted Nylon Pulling Rope

The next option that you can consider for investing in a good and ⅝” rope is this nylon pulling rope from Mophorn. This is also a double braided polyester rope that provides the high pulling force due to the use of nylon in its construction. As it is made using premium polyester, it can withstand the harsh weather conditions and also lasts longer than the other regular ropes available in the stores. Due to its excellent tensile strength, it can be used for tree pulling as well as for additional load. For the price point it comes for, I am sure that this is one of the most sturdy and durable ropes one can get in the budget. Also, the manufacturers have mentioned that this rope is not suitable for mountain climbing or rock climbing, so give it a pass if you are looking for a mountain climbing rope.

Key features:

  • The ends of the ropes have been cut by using the new and innovative method of hot melt technology that stops the rope from expanding or spreading.
  • The users will find it easy to work with this alternative as it has an anti-skid texture that aids in extending the lifespan of the rope.
  • It offers a high abrasion resistance due to its braiding sheath that lies in the core of the rope.
  • The rope is resistant to moisture, chemicals, oils, aging and other such external factors that cause wear and tear of the rope.
  • This alternative is an excellent buy for the people who are also looking for a tree-climbing, marine, or sailing rope. Also, it is a perfect addition for any arborist’s equipment set.


3. Blue OX Polyester Arborist Bull Rope

Blue OX Polyester Arborist Bull Rope

Another great option from the house of Blue Ox is this white and blue polyester bull rope. It is ¾”  by 200 feet 12 carrier pulling rope. This rope is a 12 carrier, 24 strand polyester rope made for handling the heavyweights with ease. It is abrasion resistance and is a heavy-duty rope that the users have liked purchasing for quite some time now. Not only for pulling trees, one can use it for lifting or dragging other heavy objects.

Key features:

  • The rope offers an excellent tensile strength of 20,000 pounds that works excellent for dropping large trees or shifting heavy loads.
  • It is easy to handle and also comes with good knot retention making it easy for the users.
  • Arborists can invest in this one as it is specially made for tree work, including rigging and pulling.
  • The high-quality polyester used in the making of this rope makes it resistant to fading, abrasion and milking.
  • There is quite a minimal stretch in this rope and hence one can use it without any issues.


4. Morphon Nylon Pulling Rope

Morphon Nylon Pulling Rope

If you liked the overall features of the Morphon rope mentioned earlier, then I am pretty sure that you will like this one too. This is one alternative from the brand having the rope diameter of 9/16 inch with a length of 150feet/45m. This rope also features the double braided polyester structure that makes it sturdy and durable. This strong structure also increases the safety of the users who are using this rope. As the rope has a non-slip surface, it aids in holding it more firmly and also increases the longevity of the rope. Lastly, this rope is also made using hot melt cutting technology, which prevents the ends of the rope from spreading. So this is a perfect alternative for all the tree work, including pulling and climbing it.

Key features:

  • The rope features an excellent weight loading capacity of 500 kgs, which can work well for pulling other heavy objects too.
  • It has excellent flexibility, which enables the users to make knots with ease outdoors.
  • The premium quality polyester is used in the making of this rope along with the nylon at its core that gives high pulling force to the rope.
  • This pulling rope is resistant to abrasion, UV rays, weather, chemicals and aging.
  • One can also use this rope for running rigging, underground pulling line, flagpole halyards, boat fenders and more.


5. Paracord Planet Utility & Towing Rope

Paracord Planet Utility & Towing Rope

The last product on this list is from the house of Paracord Planet. This rope differs from all the ones mentioned above as it is a twisted PolyDac rope, also known as Poly caron, Terylene, or Lavsan. Apart from this, it also features three twisted strands in its construction instead of double braids seen in the ropes commonly. The rope has red tracers and one can also tie knots with ease. It is 100% tough, reliable and offers resistance to abrasion. In short, it is a good alternative one can consider getting a good quality rope for pulling trees.

Key features:

  • This pulling rope is resistant to chemical wear, rot, UV degradation and weather conditions.
  • The rope is made using lightweight yet durable polyolefin fiber strands along with a soft Polyester Dacron sheath.
  • It works effectively for towing, pulling, docking, securing, hoisting and other such activities.
  • This rope is available in different diameters and lengths, so you can now order the one as per your preference.
  • The users can also keep this rope in their car or truck for camping, railing, porch swings and more.


Concluding Remarks

The above-stated alternatives are rated the best ones for getting a strong rope for pulling trees. The company Blue Ox ropes many other variants in the range of pulling ropes that you can also check out if you want to have other options. Also, remember that a regular rope will not be able to bear the weight and also has a little flexibility as compared to these pulling ropes. It is not advisable to use these ropes for climbing mountains and one should use it for tree work and lifting heavy objects. I hope this list helps you to finalize the one you want to go with and also make sure that you go through all the details before placing the order.

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