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How to Cut Wire Rope – Best Way to Cut Steel Wire Cable by Expert

There is no such rocket science in cutting wire rope. But there are a few things that you need to take care of while doing the process. Cutting a rope totally depends upon the tool, but the tool that we select should be upon our needs and choice. One should be careful while using the tool and must be prepared thoroughly too. This article will teach you how to cut wire rope with easy and simple steps below:

How to Cut Wire Rope?

Step 1. Choosing the most effective tools

Well, cutting a rope is not similar to cutting a regular thread or normal rope. Proper tools and effective tools are needed to cut the rope. Again, not every tool can cut the steel wire rope as it is thick and is twisted. So, I will recommend you all you use a diagonal cutter, cold chisel, and a butane torch to cut the rope easily and quickly. Having the wrong tool may result in poor results and disappointment. Also, check the thickness of the wire rope first and then select a suitable tool for the same. In the end, what matters is a clean-cut and good investment of time and resources.

diagonal cutter

Step 2. A two way set up

Before starting the project, we need to set the working station well and suitable to work. Why I say a Two-way set up is because you not only need to set up the working station, but you also need to set yourself up for the project. Before any attempt to cut the wire cable, make sure you are ready. Make sure you are wearing safety gear, the light is enough that can illuminate and improve the visibility of the wire. Also, wear safety gear that is certified to work under high heating areas. Try to maintain the grip of the wire and your hands. If you are not wearing any gloves, then there might be chances of sweat in your hands that increase the chances of injuries.

Step 3. Appropriate Measurements

Measurements are so crucial in our lives? Aren’t they? We measure our bodies, what we eat, distance, height, and much more. Here measurement means measuring the wire thoroughly. Measure twice before beginning anything. Remove the wire from the spool it was packed in and measure the length. You can also use a dark pen to mark the area you need to cut. Proper measuring leads to proper wielding of the cutters.

Appropriate Measurements

Step 4. Final Implementation of the project

It didn’t take a lot of time to measure the wire and set up the working station and yourself. Well, it will take even less time to cut the steel cable. Yes, it’s now the show time to cut the wire rope. The aim and direction t the cut the rope is: Be Quick and Steady. Place the steel wire rope into the tool that you have decided to use. Check the mark where you need to cut and just apply steady pressure on the tool. Maintaining a consistent pressure on the tool and rope will lead you to a clean and professional touch of cutting the steel cable.

What are the different types of wire ropes?

You must be wondering that even they have types? Like really? Well, they don’t have any particular type, but they do have a form. They are differentiated while manufacturing as the process makes these wires of galvanization. Below are the forms of wire rope:

  • Core
  • Multiwire strands
  • Cable
  • Wire

How to use a Diagonal Cutter to cut a wire rope?

Using a diagonal cutter to cut steel cable is the best manual way. All you need to do is decide the correct cutter as per the size of the rope. If the thickness is more and you are adjusting your cutter with it, then it will get disappointed. You will need a measuring tape, a marking pen, and of course, a diagonal cutter. Open the jaw of the piler and place the wire into it. Make sure the wire is fixed properly. And now, just use your pressure, and wire is cut.

Diagonal Cutter to cut

How to use a Cold Chisel to cut a wire rope?

Another amazing tool to chop off the steel cable is a cold chisel. Trust me if you learn how to use this, then you won’t need any other tool to cut your stubborn wire rope. To cut the rope, you will need a hammer, a measuring tape, a working table, and, of course, a cold chisel. Now mark the area that you want to cut and mark. Place the wire on a working table and hold the chisel with your thumb. Place the chisel on the top of the mark. Once you are set with the mark, then strike the hammer on the chisel. And it’s done.

Cold Chisel to cut a wire rope

Note: Your hands should not shiver during the whole process.

Bottom Line:

See, it’s so simple to cut the wire rope. Also, it is super easy and quick. There are just a few things that you need to take care of. And it’s you who need to decide with which tool you will be comfortable to cut the rope. Best of luck, and I really hope this article helps you solve your issues, and you learn how to cut wire rope.

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