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How to Soften Rope – Simple and Easy Tips for Stiff Rope

As the ropes are used for extended periods, they become old and eventually harden. Stiff ropes are difficult to use, especially the nylon ones. If you have ever come across a familiar problem of stiff ropes, then this article is for you. Here’s everything that you need to learn about how to soften the ropes with some very simple and easy tips.

How are the ropes made?

Ropes are made from fabrics that are twisted on yarns and later on stranded together in different groups. After stranding the fabrics in different groups, they are then braided, and this is how ropes are formed. There are a lot many various types of materials/fabrics used in making different ropes, such as cotton, nylon, and many more. 

These ropes are braided and twisted together as these processes make sure that the ropes do not break easily. Usually, while making ropes, they are double or even triple-twisted so that they do not get untangled. Separate strands of the fabric are soft. Three-strand ropes are considered as much more resistant to abrasion, and they can be handled roughly, which makes them the perfect choice for the majority of their applications. 

How to Soften Rope

How to soften the stiff ropes

Ropes harden and become stiff over time, which makes it difficult for us to use. Now, if this happens, you can just change the ropes and buy new ones, but if you’re looking for solutions to soften them, then there are a few ways of doing the same. 

One of the most recommended and popular fix is to wash them with some fabric softener. What fabric softener does is that it acts like a lubricating agent who can go through the braids and eventually softens the ropes. You can also keep these in a mesh bag and then wash them. It is also suggested to keep them in freshwater plus fabric softener solution overnight to soften the stiff ropes. These are the only easiest ways in which you can soften your ropes easily at home. 

To make the ropes last you for long, it is advised to wash them occasionally. This will keep them clean. However, keep in mind not to wash the ropes by putting them in the washing machine because they need to be washed gently. Just conventionally wash them, that is, take a bucket and add water and just a bit of fabric softener. Soak them in the water for an hour or even overnight. Do not use harsh soaps or detergent powders. After this, wash them usually and hang them loosely to dry. 

Is it safe to use fabric softener for ropes?Is it safe to use fabric softener for ropes

It is entirely safe to use a fabric softener for washing ropes, and it will not harm your ropes in a way that detergent or hard soaps would. Although, keep in mind to use only a small amount of the fabric softener. 

Softening the rope was so easy and simple, isn’t it? After reading this article, I am sure you won’t have the struggle to soften the stiff ropes. I hope you must have found this article to be useful.

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